I have known Jim as a friend for several years, when he approached me about working with him for his company Jim’s CBD, LLC, back in April of 2021. Little did Jim realize I had been seeing a back specialist and pain management doctor for a degenerative disc, coupled with sciatica for my right lower back extending down to my right leg. I had, up to that point only had one intramuscular injection and several rounds physical therapy, and a myriad of various kinds of prescriptions to keep the pain tolerable. The injection proved effective for some months; however, the physical therapy was ineffective due to the specific area. A few of the medications could only be taken at night. So, when I began trying Jim’s CBD 1000mg as instructed and regularly, I was immediately surprised the relief I began to feel on a consistent basis.

I began using it upon awakening, after showering, and at bedtime. I will also point out; I have found other amazing uses for Jim’s CBD 1000mg. I used it for a scar on my arm from a curling iron incident. I used it to reduce healing time on a hematoma after I donated plasma. My son Kai even benefited from the product after a slight sunburn on his cheeks after long day at the pool. All this healing made possible by the fact that Jim’s CBD 1000mg along with DMSO breaks through those epidermal layers, breaking down to MSM. MSM is another natural supplement, the body needs for healing. I am so grateful for the creation of this product and the ongoing the benefits.

Jennifer L. Henderson, NV

I want to give a shout-out to an up-and-coming new company, Jim’s CBD , LLC. I have tried Relief 1000mg and after years of suffering after I tore my rotator cuff, and after not finding any comfort I tried PT and water massage therapy, and neither worked. Finally, I ordered a sample of their CBD cream, let me tell you, the results were great. It took away my pain in so many ways. Someone who is suffering from any similar injury, would say give it a shot, I would definetley give it a shot!!
Denise Parham, Cadence, NV

Great product, light scent, rubbed in with no mess. I’m glad I got the chance to try this, I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis for 12 years, fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome, and recently been diagnosed with lupus. it’s nice to find a remedy that doesn’t involve prescription medication. It goes straight to the area that is in pain and inflamed.
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Valaree Vandermerr

San Antonio, TX, Full time mom

I highly recommend Jim’s CBD relief 1000mg. Easy to apply, welcoming scent, muscle relief from head to toe.  My clients love it and I plan to use this as my number one source in my practice. Thank you very much.
Josh Nissan, Santa Barbara, CA

Owner, Enlightened Wellness

Some time ago, I woke up with a sore back of the neck. The pain was so debilitating that most of my day sucked. I ran into Jenn later that evening and she offered me a Sample – Relief 1000 mg. After I got home I applied it and I immediately felt my neck muscles starting to loosen up. The next morning my neck was MUCH MUCH better.
That same week, I offered my mom the sample Jenn gave me as she had recently suffered some shoulder and arm pain. She noticed significant relief the next day!
We both owe many thanks to Jim and Jenn! This CBD is a Godsend! I absolutely recommend it!
Johnny Pranin , Henderson, NV

I have known Jim through both friendship and business dealings over the last 10 + years. When I ran into him a couple of months back he informed me of his latest new business endeavor, Jim’s CBD 1000mg. The timing was on point, I was getting ready for an upcoming surgery on my right foot to remove bone chips. Within two days’ time, he delivered a reasonable size sample to me and explained how to use and apply it. I began to use Jim’s CBD 1000mg the day after my foot surgery and found that it relieved swelling around my foot. However, I was also using it to relieve some lower back pain, due to some of the bed rest and awkward positions I endured during healing.  I used this product for weeks!! My brother Dave is a referee for a few local youth programs in our area. He was often extremely sore and achy in his lower back and legs after games.I gave some to him to try. Once we found out Jim’s CBD 1000mg was Broad Spectrum and safe to use, in the case of testing, it was a no-brainer. After our experiences, I suggest and recommend you try for both pain and swelling.
Paul, Santa Barbara, CA

What a great product!  My husband’s shoulder was aching, we used the ointment and it worked!!!  Imagine that.  The best part was there is no-frills.  There was no extra sensation, no tingling, hot or cold sensation,  or a menthol smell:  it went on smoothly, like a lotion, and simply worked!  It’s nice to know that a topical product does what it should do: relieve pain.  It does what it is made to and we love it.  I have purchased a bottle to keep at the shop as well as given some to my best gal pal who had back surgery.
Tess McKenzie~Contreras, SB, CA

I’ve had an on and off nerve wrecking pain in my elbow for years. I won’t take anything for it. I’ve tried so many different techniques from a Zuni Medicine Man rubbing Ash on it and twisting out the pain to having it x-rayed. Obviously I’ve attempted many natural remedies including dear friends making me CBD topical ointments. Unfortunately I’m allergic to a lot of the ingredients they used..but I am still grateful.
I ran into Jim several months ago, whom I’ve known for years and was fortunate enough to receive a sample of the Relief 1000. I used it on my elbow and neck for a couple of days. My elbow pain which has been the long time issue went away. I had been so busy at work I almost didn’t notice that I wasn’t in pain anymore until someone asked me how I was feeling and there it was, I felt no pain. Sounds cheesy, but it’s definitely true. I’ve always worked hard and over lifted items. This is awesome 🙌🏽
Veronica Ann, Sansum, Santa Barbara

My husband and I absolutely love this product.  Our Medical Massage Therapist recommended it.  He’s been a customer for awhile.  I have knee and hip issues and my husband has shoulder pain.  Both of us have pain from previous injuries.Your CBD product provides us so much relief, more than any product we’ve tried.A little goes a long way but a little amount produces great relief.Thank you so much!  I believe we will purchase the larger one next time since we are both using it.Love, love the product!
Bob and Anita Gibson Hudson WI

Thank you I’ve tried so many creams and nothing works like Jim’s product. My diabetic nerve-damaged legs/feet almost have me in a wheelchair. I keep moving, fighting, and not stopping but feel at some time I will no longer be able to walk.Your product certainly helps me to continue moving around. Appreciate y’all.
Robert Jones, Fort Worth TX

Love, love, love the product! My husband and I both have chronic pain in his shoulder and my knee, both former injuries. Felt relief early on with just a small amount used. Just ordered the Small Pump!
Bob and Anita Gibson, Hudson WI

Only product I’ve tried so far that actually stops the burning in my knee. Thank you so much, can’t wait to order more.
Lajuana Martin, Modesto CA

I think this stuff works wonderful on my pustular psoriasis. It keeps it calmed down. I hope to be using this for a long, long time.
Lori Kidd, Elkhorn Nebraska

I am very happy with the product, it has really helped my hands alot, THANKS

David, Millspring, North Carolina

I wanted to say thank you for the samples, the dmso I used really helped with the swelling, but I had the ache in my ankle that wouldn’t go away, your product completely too the ache away, your product is amazing and I will be continuing to use. Thank you so much and I will definitely be recommending it to friends!

Debbie Davison, Santa Ynez, California

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