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Here’s Our Relief 1000mg Product Guarantee

If you are on the fence about trying Jim’s CBD 1000, we suggest purchasing the trial pack for just $9.50.  This is the lowest price option, and considerably lower than trial packs from many of our competitors.  We are confident that you will find relief after a few applications.  Please remember to follow the instructions closely and apply a very thin layer of cream to a small area first.  The trial pack should last for at least 10-20 applications, depending on the size of your targeted area.       

Here at Jim’s CBD, we understand that our product doesn’t work for everyone.  If you have not experienced any pain relief after using our product, we get it.  However, some deep, chronic pain can take a few applications before you notice a difference. If you don’t feel relief after several applications, we understand. Just return the container with 80% or more and we will be happy to return your money on the Credit Card you used to purchase it.  This refund offer is valid for all sizes, except for samples.  

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