Relief 1000mg Instructions

Always apply with clean, dry hands. Also, before beginning, test a small amount just to see how far a small amount will spread. Then apply as needed to the affected area.

NOTE: This is an aggressive plan for people who want results. However, life doesn’t always allow for what we want. So, apply when you can. It will still provide relief.

For acute pain/swelling

  • 1st day: Apply every 15 min. for the first hour, then 3 to 5 more times for the day
  • 2nd day: Apply 3 to 5 times throughout the day. Once upon waking, the last before bedtime.
  • 3rd day Apply at least 2 to 3 times a day to affected area. And rave to all your friends about how great you’re feeling 😊

For chronic pain/swelling: 

  • Apply every 15 minutes for the first hour, then 3 to 5 more times for the first day. 
  • Once stabilized (no more progress in reduction of Pain and Swelling) go to 1-2 times a day, for at least one week after pain is gone.

    For migraines, we have found applying to the neck and shoulders, up to the base of the skull is very effective. Also, at the temples, forehead, behind the jaw and below the ears. If bald, apply to scalp as well.