Our Philosophy: The World According to Jim

We believe in a complete approach. Our “Relief 1000mg”, is not the only answer. A balanced diet, rest, and exercise are important. We also believe in the products other companies make as well, such as tinctures, edibles and supplements.

CBD & MSM taken orally provide many benefits. Jim developed Relief 1000mg, to target specific issues immediately as well as long term repair. But he still has a bottle of Glucosamine and MSM in the medicine cabinet.

Jim’s CBD Mission Statement

“To give our customers (including people who are drug tested), the opportunity to maintain an active lifestyle, increase mobility, decrease inflammation, manage both acute and chronic pain, while providing a safe alternative to the Opiates often leading to addiction; by offering the highest quality, natural, sustainable solution at an affordable price.”


How Jim’s CBD “Relief 1000mg” Came To Be: The Story Behind The Solution

My life changing story began as I walked past a kiosk selling a topical CBD product, at a Solstice Festival in the Summer of 2018. The product was, in essence, a balm remarkably similar to the look and feel of a well—known, over— the —counter balm. It provided some relief.

I chose to purchase a 2 oz container at 250mg per oz. While using their product, I found some relief. However, Alina tried it and it did not help at all. I started thinking about creating a product with more long lasting, effective results. I believed the pricing could be more competitive within the industry as well. So, this too, became important. There are a lot of expensive, but not very good

CBD lotions on the market. I wanted to make it the best on the market at a price the average person could afford. Myself and my life partner Alina had been experiencing both acute and chronic pain. We had grown tired of the exhausting cycle we encountered with the rounds of O-T-C meds, doctors and the possibility of Opiate prescriptions. Once I found CBD as a viable alternative or at a minimum, in addition to Ibuprofen or a painkiller, I decided to give CBD some attention.

Alina was constantly covered in bruises because of the Ibuprofen. She successfully stayed away from Opiates, but her constant pain was debilitating physically and emotionally. She had to have epidural steroid injections. I was driven to find a solution.


Now, occasionally she takes Ibuprofen in addition to Relief 1000mg. She was receiving epidural injections every 3 months. At the launch of this website, it had been 5 months since her last. She is much happier and able to function with far less pills and needles. Because of Relief 1000mg’s healing properties, it helps by repairing the body long term, while reducing acute or chronic pain and swelling as well.

I have injured my hand multiple times. When Alina and I first met, she commented on the plain to see damage to my hand and joints, as they were obvious. | noticed recently that my hand looks better. My range of motion is much better. This is a side benefit. Some of these injuries are decades old, yet the “Relief 1000mg” still helped.

Also, one of the most gratifying and motivating factors or me, to move forward with production of Jim’s “Relief 1000mg” was the overwhelming response from both complete strangers and friends as I let them try it. I was always asked, “How or where can I get some of this?”

Personal experience, combined with real time feedback prompted me to produce my own product and share it! I see the positive affect that Relief 1000mg has in reducing or eliminating the need for harmful, possibly addictive drugs, while promoting a clearer, healthier mind and body.